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Friday, September 23, 2005

Still more God and Hurricane Yammering

So, of course this morning I notice yet another article on World Net Daily making the claim that Hurricane Rita is God's way of communicating to America that we are a sinful, sinful, nation. A letter to the editor yesterday argued that because we were a wicked people who had lost our way, God had lifted his protective hand and, while not sending hurricanes, he also was no longer stopping them.

Some people have noted that Las Vegas never gets Hurricanes, so God must love gambling, but I think they overlook the continuous drought that plagues that city, which is plainly God's judgement.

I will note that God apparently loves commies, since when they ruled the Soviet Union, I can't think of a single istance of a hurricane striking that country. But maybe they just hushed it up, sneaky bastards.

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Mr. Cavin said...

Commies in Cuba, on the other hand, frequently get pummeled. Probably it's their proximity to Gitmo. Or that the good lord hates Santeria and cigar smoke. I sure hate to imagine me and the good lord to be so different though.

Been updating my thing some, too; but I'm still very far behind.