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Saturday, July 08, 2006


When the world crumbles beneath your feet, you may experience a freefall plunge. With any luck, you might fall far enough to enjoy the feeling that you are weightless.


rastronomicals said...

My, what a worrisome post. If I didn't know better, I might say it was dripping with ill-portent.

You OK there, boss?

Anything us readers can do?

James Maxey said...

Ras, thanks for your concern. In truth, my problems are fairly miniscule in comparison to 99.9999% of the world's population. I'm not even sure I can classify missing Laura as a "problem." It seems, rather, to simply be a state of existence that must be lived through, rather than some obstacle to be overcome. As for the rest of my woes, while I'm depressed about my prospects in househunting, I'm far from homeless. I live in a pretty small apartment for an American, but in an unbelievable waste of space by the standards or the rest of the world or human history. I use one of the bedrooms in my apartment as a giant closet! I'm sure my ancestors and many of my peers would wonder why I'm not keeping livestock in there. Some goats, perhaps.

Finally, I'm in a general finacial crunch at the moment that is of entirely my own creation. I'm going on vacation with no money in the bank, trotting out the old credit cards again. I do this in the knowledge that eventually, someday, really, the money for Bitterwood will show up and wipe away all the vacation bills... but, of course, then it won't be used to add to my down payment. I find that "soon to be gotten" money is often easier to spend than actual money in the bank.

So, my stating that the world is crumbling beneath my feet is an egregious overstatement of my true circumstances. But, the larger thrust of the statement is one I'm hoping to embrace. I want to be able to take my lost and rootless feelings and find within them a sensation of freedom and possibility. I have all these fears about where I might wind up living... but there is no reason I shouldn't be living in hope instead of fear. It's all just a big switch in the mind. Unforunately, it's dark inside my mind... I keep fumbling around and yanking the wrong switch. Apparently, there's one in there that makes me go out and eat a whole damn bottle of pickled hot sausages. I really need to tape that one down or something.

Finally, as to what readers may do, keep reading! I promise there's some good stuff in the pipeline.