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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Room for rent scam.

Sorry for the silence here lately. I've been busy with line edits of Bitterwood, plus work on a new novel called 13 Nails, plus actively hunting for a roommate. The roommate hunt had an interesting twist this week when I almost got scammed. A woman who said she was from London responded to my ad on Craig's List and said she was coming to the US for 4 months to teach seminars in Raleigh. I wrote her back aswering her questions about he room, but also explaining that Hillsborough isn't actually that close to Raliegh. She wrote back immediately saying she would take the room and asking for an address so she could have her boss cut me a money order for the deposit. I thought this was odd. Also, she didn't answer some of my questions like who she worked for or whether it was a problem that the room was unfurnished. So I googled "craig's list room for rent scams" and discovered that there's a scam where people will agree to rent your room or buy an item for sale sight unseen. Then, they send you a money order for an ammount with an extra zero in it. So, you get a money order for 2500 instead of 250 say. You of course email them back saying there's been a mistake. They tell you to deposit the money order and wire back the difference. And, of course, a week later the money order turns out to be counterfiet, and you're left holding the bill. I wrote the woman back telling her I was concerned this might be a scam. I didn't hear from her after this, of course. Still, it's funny how close I almost came toward falling for at least the upfront part of this and giving her my address. If she'd answered my question about an employer with a company I could have googled, and said she was teaching in Durham or Chapel Hill instead of Raleigh, I might not have had alarm bells go off.

The photos posted her, by the way, are of my house now that I actually live in it with furniture and everything. Potential thieves, please note: No TV and my computer is about 5 years old at this point and maybe worth $25 on ebay. The most valuable items you could snag would be my washer and dryer and, really, if you are willing to lug around a washer and dryer for crime, you may as well go ahead and get a real job. Moving appliances is a pretty marketable skill.

Soon, I will be posting a lot of information about Bitterwood. Lots of exciting developments. Also, I'll soon start talking about other Solaris Books. The first ones are hitting stores any day now. Amazon is showing The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin is now shipping, though the Solaris website shows it's release in February. I'll post a review here once I get my hands on it.


Mary Robinette said...

I'm glad you're smarter than the average bear.

James Maxey said...

I think the thing that most triggered my alarms was the fact that her first email was really polished, but by the third email she had fallen into full spammer random capitolization mode. Her third email to me was this: "Hello Please Kindly Hit Me Back as soon as You have Made Up Your Mind On these Rent Issue ...and for Your Information I will very Happy To have the room ok ....Please don't disappoint me coz I have already Contacted My Boss and His Ready To Issue The first Month rent Payment Upfront Okay." It's pretty easy to recognize this as a potential red flag....

Celia said...

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Beerwolf said...

I posted a room for rent and got 3 emails almost identical. Belgium, South Africa, and Tennessee. Their spelling and grammar was horrendous so I thought I'd google room for rent scams. After reading your post I realized a guy was trying to scam me on the couch I was selling the same way. Thanks for post !

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