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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Skink in Bed

I came home Monday and found a skink sitting on the end of my bed. Skinks are small, slinky lizards, this one about 6 inches long. They are insanely fast, so, alas, I failed to catch this one.

I feel really let down by my cats. I've been providing them cat food and kitty litter for the better part of a decade now, and, really I don't ask for a whole lot in return. I would say the minimum duty I expect of my cats, though, is to be vigilent in keeping my bedroom free of reptiles.

Now, I'm sleeping a bit lighter than I was, knowing there's a lizard sneaking around somewhere among the dirty socks on the floor. Or, worse, that there's some hole I'm unaware of between the inside of my bedroom and the outside of my house. What's coming in next?


Mary Robinette said...

Less food = more catching of critters.

James Maxey said...

Actually, I arrived home to find the remains of a bird scattered all over the back porch, so their predatory instincts seem to be intact. I guess they just don't think of my bedroom as fertile hunting grounds.

Suanne Warr said...

Maybe it's too fast for them? Or they like their meat hot? ;)