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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My goal is to have to buy a new bookshelf

I got my contributors copy of the Prime Codex anthology in the mail today. Last week, I got 4 contributors copies of the UK version of Bitterwood, though I'm still waiting on the US version. My bookshelf is starting to fill up nicely with books that contain my words. Most are anthologies, two are novels. In order of publication, roughly, they are:

Empire of Dreams and Miracles
Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome
Nobody Gets the Girl (novel)
All the Rage This Year
The Urban Bizarre
Modern Magic
Prime Codex
Bitterwood (novel)

Waiting in the wings are the Blood and Devotion anthology, the IGMS anthology, and the Solaris Book of New Fantasy. Not bad, considering my first publication was only 2002.

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