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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sci-Fi Chick Winners, and off to World Fantasy

The contest is over at Sci-Fi Chick, and I'm heading out right now to send a signed copy to a winner named Asara. See other winners at Sci-Fi Chick. And, of course, you should check out her blog on a daily basis for other interviews and giveaways. Her site rocks!

Asara is also a blogger. Check out her musings over at Asara's Mental Meanderings.

I'm off to World Fantasy after I stop at the post office. I can't believe how rapidy this week as flying past. I also can't believe I'll be driving when I should be home giving out candy! I have a panel at the con Sunday at 11, Ghost Stories without Ghosts. If you're at the con, come on by.


Lisa Shearin said...

Hope you're having a great time at World Fantasy! I've been meaning to tell you that when I got home after our book signing in Burlington, Derek (my hubby) picked up my copy of Nobody Gets the Girl. He read it in three days and loved it. For him to sit for that long and read says that book rocks!

BTW -- I loved how you signed my copy of Nobody. ; ) Thank you!

James Maxey said...

Great to hear it! Hope you enjoy it as well.