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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can a powerpoint presentation change the world?

Ross Perot is back! The last person to discuss the federal budget seriously with voters has launched a website discussing a doom I've been known to howl about here a time or two, the federal debt. It's a 20 minute power point presentation that you can watch here.

In four years of doing this blog, I've never directed readers toward videos of singing cats, nude celebrities, or politicians forgetting thier lines. So, hopefully I've earned your trust that I'm not going to direct you towards time-wasting trivia. This presentation corrects some of my doom and gloom statements about the federal debt. For instance, it's really closer to 5 trillion than the 9 trillion I quote, due to the so-called social security trust fund. Yet, in other ways, I've also underestimated the true size of the problem, and thought we could fix it if we'd just do stuff like not fighting in Iraq. Turns out, ending the war tomorrow wouldn't even make a dent.

In any case, I highly recommend the presentation. Whether you are liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, it can only help to get your hands on the facts.

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Alex said...

This is exactly why I voted for Perot back in the 90s. It didn't matter what his stance was or if he was going to be right or wrong, but he was definitely going to be entertaining!

I'm kind of disappointed he didn't do the voiceover for this video though, that was half the fun.