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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dona Nova at Golden Belt

I took a break from my writing marathon on Friday night to go see my friend Dona Nova's new studio at Golden Belt in Durham. It occurs to me that this gives me the opportunity to sneak in a five-thousand word blog post, since a picture is worth a thousand words:

I worry that my cell phone photos may not do justice to the intesity of color and depth Dona manages to achieve in her work. If you look at the painting immediately below the penguins above, you'll see a yellow and purple abstract that looks like just a bunch of swirls. But, when you are actually standing right in front of it, these swirls all create an illusion of depth and you feel as if you are staring at something organic. I took a close up of this painting from about three inches away:

Dona's art works at a distance, but also rewards people who are willing to put their noses a few inches away from the canvas.


Mr. Cavin said...

Say, what's the chance of a FOAF discount on that top one there? Document troubleshooter, dragon author, and fine art broker. Sorta has a zing.

James Maxey said...

I dunno. I'll check.

James Maxey said...

Is this a new photo of you Cavin (obviously, it's an old photo, since it's dated 2005, but is it new for your profile? I don't recall your head being this colorful before).

Mr. Cavin said...

My icon? I took that picture in a seedy Guanajuato hotel room and thought it looked adequately desperado. I probably started using it as my profile thing at the beginning of aught-six. I'm pretty sure it was before I started putting pictures up elsewhere. The photos displayed at the top of my usual blog are randomized from that host. The thing about this little icon photo is that the only place it actually ever displays anymore is here in other people's comment sections (and maybe at the very very bottom of some long sidebar somewhere). Maybe that's why you never noticed it before, since I usually just write you, you know, letters.

Um. Hi everybody.