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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

House blahs

I am so exhausted. Drywall is exhausting stuff to work with. It's heavy and dusty and crumbles with the slightest bump on a corner. But, I finally got the last of it on the walls tonight. Now, I'm left with sanding the mudding in the living room and mudding from scratch the dining room. I also have a patch of wall I'm planning to stucco. I did a little test patch the other night on a tiny sliver of wall behind a door. Results were promising. I may wind up using stucco for the bedroom, the last room in the house with exposed cinder block.

With luck, I'll be at a point where I have paint on the walls this Saturday, and fake wood on the floor by Sunday. Then, it's all detail work, and, of course, moving in.


Bellily said...

Aloha James, posting a comment to let you kn0ow I read up on you to see how you're doing. Kitchen pics look great, stucco sounds groovy. Did you get that done? Fake wood on floors?

I hope all is going well for you, getting less and less strenuous as more and more gets done at the new house.

Good to hear you on the phone the other day at work.

Kudos on the house!


James Maxey said...

Thanks, Anke. The floor in the living room is fantastic. I laid vinyl planks that look very convincing as wood, even more convincing, I think, than laminate flooring. Alas, I've been struggling with the same floor in the dining room. The floor there just wasn't as level. Lots of damaged tiles, plus dip and rises in teh floor, mean that the tiles aren't adhering as well as perfectly as I'd hoped. I'm hoping that I can throw a rug over it and eventually the daily traffic with break the floor in and make it work out.

I hope to start posting pictures again by next week. I'm stuck with all my rooms in transition... the living room is 95% done, but still lacks trim along the ceiling. Once I have that up, I'll take some pictures. But, of course, then I'll be moving. So, it might be late next week before I've got time to post stuff.

Bellily said...

haha, who needs email when you can just post comments?

Sounds like you're working really hard... let me know if you need a hand with anything.

I grin atcha, AG