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Monday, October 30, 2006

Dining Room/Office/Tribute to Dad

The dining room/office was radically transformed with the assistance of my Dad. In one of the white cinder block photos, you'll see a chimney. This is now enclosed by the closet Dad is standing in front of in the photo below. The house had no closets except for the bedrooms, so having a place to stash stuff is immensely helpful. Also, the closet hides the exposed gas line that ran across that corner.

With Cheryl's help, I painted the room red. I wanted a red room because my writers group meets at a place called Fuse in Chapel Hill that has a red room, and I liked the vibe there. The red and orange rooms go well together. Moving from one to the other is a pleasant visual experience. I also think I was pushed toward the bright red and orange scheme of the house by the prison starkness that had been there when all the walls were white cinderblock. Before, the place had an institutional vibe. Now it's very warm and energetic.

The floor was laid by me with the help of Greg, Dona, and Jesse. I don't have photos of the bathroom (I do, but the room is so small I couldn't really get far enough away to photograph things with any kind of context), but Greg deserves recognition for helping me lay real tile in there. The bathroom is actually very nice, despite being smaller than the one in my old apartment. Dad wired me another socket in there... I'm thinking of doing something funky with the lighting eventually, maybe rope lights hidden around the edges of the medicine cabinet that would glow blue. It would feel like I was shaving in the future! Or maybe not.

I've mentioned Dad a couple of times now, but I don't think I can overstate how important he was to this project. He turned out to be a font of knowledge on drywall, wiring, framing, and other stuff. And, he also has proven to always have the right tool for the job at hand. So, hats off to Sidney W. Maxey, Jr., master carpenter, font of wisdom, and terrific father.


Mary Robinette said...

Yay for dads! Mine has always been enormously helpful with renovations, although my house did not get nearly the makeover yours has undergone. Well done!

alex said...

There's a writer's group that meets at Fuse?

James Maxey said...

Yep. Wednesday nights at 7pm. Unfortunately, my earthlink webmail is dead, an accidental victim of my move. I still retain hope of activating it again soon, although my encounter with earthlinks help desk was possibly among the top ten worst customer experiences I've ever had. Right now, all my contact information for the group is in the webmail folder, alas.

alex said...

Thanks. What's your policy about strangers joining in the festivities? (Can't this week, but would love to meet a fellow Codex, not to mention a whole group within walking distance of my place.)