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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Email working again

My earthlink email account was accidentally deactivated when I switched by cable internet from my old address to my new address. I had a very frustrating experience Thursday trying to reactivate it without success. But, this morning I tried again, got the right person, and had the whole thing taken care of in ten minutes. I was going to post the transcript of the first chat I had with the sucky customer service, but at this point, the good service this morning cancels the bad earthlink karma. I've gotten calls from people wondering why their emails were bouncing. If you were one of the people who tried to email me, try again. I'm back.

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Hillary said...

Ahhh. The internet and related supports - amazingly helpful yet a cursed pain in the .... at times. I've really enjoyed lazing this summer and inhaling Bitterwood and Dragonforge. Must get to Borders and pick up Dragonseed, and must run down the guy who borrowed Nobody Get the Girl and has not yet returned it. Not literally of course. I really appreciate the interplay of biblical reference and fantastical dragons and humans in your trilogy. Can't remember if that is something we discussed 20+ years ago at MHC. But I sure have enjoyed it this summer. :-D

Hillary (Parsons) Keys class of 86