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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm up!

I finally figured out the right combination of words to type into google to get an answer on my non-loading sign-in page. I downloaded the newest version of Explorer last month, and apparently its more aggressive security features view the scripts on the blogger sign in screen as potentially hostile code. It never warned me about this or asked if I wanted the script to run. Very annoying.

Any way, now that I'm up, I have nothing to say. Actually, that's not even mildly true. I have dozens of things to say, mostly news about Bitterwood. And yet... not yet. Soon. Right now I'm in the middle of writing two short stories at once, plus reading the latest PDF version of the Bitterwood manuscript. I'm so busy it's even eating into my computer solitaire time. So, keep watching this space. Good stuff coming, I promise.


Rick Novy said...

You need to get another computer so you can truly write the two short stories at the same time--one with each hand.

James Maxey said...

Then two more, so my toes can stay busy as well.

Oliver said...

You're a tease, Maxey!