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Monday, November 14, 2011

Harvest Marriage

Harvest Marriage

Lights danced below as the Ferris wheel

lifted us above the county fair

toward a crescent October moon.

In the calm above the crowds we kissed

and said for the first time, “I love you.”

Ours was to be a harvest marriage

growing from seeds planted long ago.

Our love didn’t burst up and blossom

following the first raindrops of spring

like some eager radish full of heat

that wilts only days after it’s picked.

The seedling we planted took its time

weathering out the ticking seasons.

The tree of us has grown strong enough

to stand against this life’s hurricanes

with branches green and thick and sturdy

to support the heaviest of fruit

which we pluck and take into our teeth

when the ripe bite is at its sweetest.


Poem to commemorate the wedding of James Maxey and Cheryl Morgan



Poem is copyright James Maxey 2011

May be used freely for non-commercial purposes

as long as authorship is attributed to James Maxey.


Loren Eaton said...

Beautifully done, James. Again, congrats.

CathyB said...

It was a beautiful ceremony. Congratulations to both of you.