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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week Three Addendum

I got my bloodwork results in the mail today. Results were even better than expected! Last year, most of my cholesteral numbers were right on the borderline of being high, with a few meandering over the line into the low reaches of the danger zones.

Now, all my numbers are well in the midpoint of the recommended ranges. My resting blood sugar has also improved away from being borderline worrisome. Since my father was diabetic and died of heart disease, getting these numbers down is a pretty smart move on my part.

Just returned from a three mile hike which we went ahead and did despite the fact it was raining. If it wasn't raining, we probably had it in us to go a bit further. We are really lucky to have some excellent trails in this area.


CathyB said...

Great news, James. Congrats!

James Maxey said...

Thanks Cathy. Though, curiously, today I've been ravenously hungry all day for the first time since starting my diet. I wonder if it has something to do with the change in the weather? Today was the first day it was chilly enough leaving the house in the morning that I considered going back for a jacket. I'm hoping the sensation passes soon. So far, my diet has been notable for just how little effort and discipline it's required of me. I haven't had moments where I sit around dreaming about going out and wolfing down a pizza. Today, it's taken actual willpower not to run to Burger King and pig out.