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Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 3: 234

I'm a little stunned by the number, but I weighed in this morning at work at 234. I've lost 10 pounds since the new contest began, and I'm now down 50 pounds since the first contest started in September.

Ironically, this week was my least active week since the contest began. I did manage to sneak in some hiking, including a two mile trek on Saturday in the snow with Cheryl. But, even with the reduced pace, I've still logged over 30 miles in the past three weeks.

It's starting to show, too. This morning I added another notch on my belt. I've easily lost five inches of waistline since September, and now the new pants I bought near the end of that contest are starting to feel a little loose.

This coming week, more lousy weather is lined up for my days off, and over the weekend I'm going to Roanoke for Mysticon. It's hard to watch my diet when I'm eating out three days straight. But, a week of slacking off might prove useful. People are always asking me if I feel better now that I've lost this much weight. Really...no! I'm worn out from walking all the time! I bought my walking shoes new in October and have already worn the tread smooth. The only walking I want to do this week is to go shoe shopping.

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